About Us

We provide tools that will ease and automate the repetetive tasks. With the help of multiple AI powered tools, we can streamline tasks and increase efficiency.

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Our Services

ZBeams provides multiple different tools for various needs.

AI Task Breakdown

ZBeams uses AI to break down tasks into their smallest fractions and track them like an assembly line, allowing for real-time monitoring and automated scheduling to ensure maximum efficiency.

Tracking and Updates

ZBeams provides fully automated tracking and uploading of the process and outcome of different fragments of the process.

Suggestions and Helping

ZBeams offers suggestions, procedures, and formats for tasks where more time is spent.

Output Management & Automated Scheduling

ZBeams can measure real-time output and prepare for the next stage of processes.

Sales Outreach

ZBeams provides a service to help businesses with their sales outreach efforts, using AI technology to help identify potential customers and create targeted sales campaigns.

How We Work!

ZBeams will work in two easy step.

We Implement the tool with an pre-built AI

ZBeams comes with pre built AI features such a Outreach, mailing automation and scheduling. These features are ready to use and can be utilized from day one.

Then AI starts learning about your bussiness and form nural networks.

Once AI has gathered some of the data from the bussiness processes, ZBeams starts to give cutomized Task Breakdown, Output Management & Automated Scheduling Suggestions, Tracking and Updates.

Meet The Team

Here at ZBeams we have the best talents of their field in our team and we are still growing bigger day by day.

Akshay Shukla

Akshay Anand Shukla, is coding since the age of 13 and has always been the top scorer in Computer Science since school days. With a keen interest in technology and programming he pursued Bachelor's & Master's Degree in his Computer Application and started working at the age of 16 as a Java teacher to students much older than him. Akshay has a background in Process Automation and worked on the same for companies like Vemba, Lohia Corporation, HCL and in silicon Valley

Ankur Agarwal

Ankur has worked with some of the biggest tech companies on the planet and has co-founded Dunzo. He is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Roorkee.and also started Filter, an HR tech company on the lines of HackerRank and HackerEarth.

What is the market saying

The involvement of AI in workplace is inevitable, use ZBeams and stay ahead of the curve.